About Us


Xi’an Saiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd is located in Xi’an High-Tech Development Zone. Which is a high-tech enterprise

engaged in the production, Research &Development and selling healthy application products like natural plant extract,

Chinese pure herbals powder, fruit &vegetable powder, and functional food additive.

Our company has a high-quality Research & Development team and advanced scientific research instruments. At present, we have friendly cooperation with numbers of scientific research institutions. The factory has been equipped With first-class production facilities. We produce according to the (ISO) scientific quality management system and GMP

operating specifications. We always provide our customers for stable high-quality products in the perfect quality inspection by TLC, HPLC, UV... and quality assurance system.

In an open mind of cooperation and integrates of most effective of resources, we will strive to become first-class

health products, manufacturer, and provider.

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Factory  Equipment

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Product Flow

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Normal Packing and Accept OEM Packing

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The warehouse is located in Los Angeles in the USA.