Buy C60 Fullerene

Buy C60 Fullerene

1. Product Name: Fullerene C60
2. Synonyms: C60 Fullerene
3. CAS:99685-96-8
4. Molecular Formula: C60
5. Purity: 99.5%, 99.9% 99.95%

Product Details

As a prominent representative of the fullerene family, the C60 molecule is a spherical 32-faced body formed by connecting 60 carbon atoms with 20 six-membered rings and 12 five-membered rings. It is very close to the structure of football, and its unique structure and singular properties.
So far, the research of C60 has been involved in many disciplines and applied research fields such as energy, laser, superconductor and ferromagnet, life science, materials science, polymer science, catalysis, etc., and has shown great potential and important research.


Fullerene C60 Product Description

Product Name

Fullerene C60

Active Ingredients

Fullerene C60


C60 Fullerene



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



99.5%, 99.9% 99.95%

Melting Point


Boiling Point

500-600℃ sub.

Flash Point



Black Powder

COA of Fullerene C60


Deception Map of Fullerene


The Function&Appllication of Fullerene C60

Fullerene C60 can be used for the sensor to detect TNT to meet the needs of counter-terrorism; The three-dimensional highly delocalized electron conjugated molecular structure makes C60 have excellent optical and nonlinear optical properties, which is expected to use in such optical computing, optical memories, optical signal processing, and controlling applications respects; In addition, C60 and its derivatives can be widely used in magnetic resonance imaging, anti-HIV drugs,anti-cancer drugs, chemotherapy drugs, cosmetic additives, research, and other areas.

1. Cosmetic product: Antioxidant capacity is 125 times that of vitamin C
2. Flexible solar cell: Increase conversion rate
3. Agriculture: Low concentration of fullerenes could promote plant growth, and it can eliminate free radicals in animals, protect their growth and development
4. Lubricants: Improves extrusion and lubrication


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