Calcium Pyruvate Powder

Calcium Pyruvate Powder

1. Product Name: Calcium Pyruvate Powder
2. Active Ingredients:Calcium Pyruvate
3. CAS:52009-14-0
4. Molecular Formula:C6H6CaO6
5. Purity: 99%

Product Details

Calcium pyruvate as a dietary supplement, has accelerated fat consumption, reduce weight, increase physical endurance, improve athletic performance and other effects; special protection on the heart, and enhancing the effectiveness of the heart muscle and reduce heart attack or cardiac ischemia caused injury; while calcium pyruvate has engulfed the body of free radicals and inhibit the formation of free radicals and other significant effects.


Calcium Pyruvate Product Description

Product Name

Calcium Pyruvate

Active Ingredients

Calcium Pyruvate






1.031 g/mL at 25 °C

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight




Melting Point


Boiling Point

165ºC at 760 mmHg

Flash Point

1 °F


White Powder

D-Galactose POWDERFunction&Application of Calcium Pyruvate

1. Calcium Pyruvate has a function of losing weight. Calcium pyruvate into the body of the first to be replaced gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid is a weak organic acid - pyruvic acid (molecular weight 88), easily through the cell membrane and into the cell, the energy reaches the body cells by osmosis plants - the mitochondria, shipped in the fatty acid (mainly long-chain) is oxidized and burnt for energy, the body fat reduction in macro performance, weight loss.

2. Calcium Pyruvate has a function of increasing endurance. Calcium pyruvate give manual workers, high-intensity athlete tremendous mental and vitality, but its nature does not belong to doping

3. Calcium pyruvate is an excellent calcium nutritional supplements. Calcium is calcium pyruvate nutritional supplements. Although less than 20% of its calcium content, but into the human body, unlike other calcium ion products will increase the burden on the liver and kidney, resulting deputy influence pyruvate ions can enter the cell involved in the metabolism of organic matter both weight loss without affecting the protein storage.

4. Calcium pyruvate has lowering cholesterol and low-density cholesterol function.

5. has improving heart function. Calcium pyruvate acts on mitochondria, the energy needed for the timely supply of cardiac activity, improve cardiac pumping endurance, which can prolong the life of the heart.

natural D-Galactose

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