Vitamin K4

Vitamin K4

1. Product Name: Menadiol di(acetate)
2. Synonyms: Vitamin K4
3. CAS:CAS 573-20-6
4. Molecular Formula: C15H14O4
5. Purity: 99%

Product Details

Menadiol Diacetate(Vitamin K4) is essential for efficient blood-clotting and to maintain proper bone calcification. Practically Menadiol Diacetate(Vitamin K4) assists in the treatment of hemorrhagic-type disease, namely coccidiosis. The lack of Menadiol Diacetate(Vitamin K4) in chicks infected with Eimeria species sharply increases the rate of mortality and this is true also in case of mild or subclinical infections. Menadiol Diacetate(Vitamin K4) can also rent the hemorrhagic consequences brought about by the administration of sulpha drugs and antibiotics which, by suppressing the fermentation of intestinal bacterial flora reduce the endogenous bacterial synthesis of vitamin K. As family Vitamin, sufficient adding of vitamin K4 in feed can raise the healthy level of animal especially under stress condition.

Vitamin K4

Product Description

Product Name

Vitamin K4

Active Ingredients

Vitamin K4





Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight





White Powder

Product Analysis

Vitamin K4


Mainly applicable to vitamin K deficiency disorders caused by. Such as intestinal malabsorption caused by vitamin K deficiency. Various causes of obstructive jaundice, chronic ulcerative colitis, chronic pancreatitis, and extensive bowel resection after intestinal absorption function reduction; long-term application of antibiotics can lead to K lack of vitamin A, broad-spectrum antibiotics or intestinal antiseptics can kill or inhibit the normal gut bacterial community, resulting in reduced intestinal bacteria synthesize vitamin.

Vitamin K4

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