Instant Powder Slimming Black Coffee

Instant Powder Slimming Black Coffee

1.Product Name:instant black coffee powder 2.Specification:100% pure powder 3.MOQ:1kg 4.Active Ingredient:black coffee 5.Application:drinks, foods, slimming drinks 6.Coffee Type:instant powder 7.Shelf life:24 months 8.Function:slimming

Product Details

Instant powder slimming coffee 

[Product Name]: Coffee

[Latin Name]:  black coffee

[Product  Part]: coffee bean


[Active Ingredient]: coffee

[Appearance]: Black Powder

[Clinical Application]: Food, Drinks.


[Dosage form]: Granule, tablet, capsule


 coffee 1


1. Coffee can make people refreshing

 2. Coffee can help people strong bones, Lee waist knees

 3. Coffee can help people digestion


Pharmaceutical health care products, health supplements, infant food, solidbeverage, dairy products, instant food, snack food, spice, middle-aged and old food, baking food, snack food, cold food cold drinks, etc 

[Suggest Dosage]: 

Solid beverage ( 5 %), drinks ( 5 %) and leisure food ( 3-5 %), medicine , food (5-20 %)
[Storage]: Placed in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid the high-temperature place.


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