Organic Mango Juice Powder

Organic Mango Juice Powder

Organic Mango Juice Powder
1. Product Name: Mango Powder
2. Specification: 100% Natural
3. Grade: Food Grade
4. Free Sample

Product Details

Saiyang chooses original Mango to squeeze the pulp, using the advanced spray drying process technology made of refined. It can effectively maintain the nutrition and fragrance of fresh passion. The instant solution, it is easy to use.

mango powder

Organic Mango Juice Powder/Mango Juice Powder

[Latin   Name]: Mangifera indica.

[Product  Part]: Fruit


[Active Ingredient]:Protein etc.

[Appearance]:Yellow Powder/ Light Pink Powder

[Clinical Application] :Food, Beverage.


[Dosage form] :Granule, tablet, capsule


Appearance:Loose powder, no blocking, no visible impurity. 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell:Natural Mango


Mesh:100% pass 300 mesh.


Total bacterial count:<1000 


Escherichia Coli:None 


 suggest dosage.jpg

Solid beverage ( 5 %), drinks ( 5 %) and leisure food ( 3-5 %), medicine, food (5-20 %)

[Storage]: Placed in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid the high-temperature place.

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