Organic Strawberry Juice Powder

Organic Strawberry Juice Powder

1.Material: Imported Fruit and Vegetable Juice and Pulp.
2.Free Sample(10g-20g)
3.Specification: 100%
4.No additive; No Preservatives; No Synthetic pigment

Product Details

Organic Strawberry Juice Powder contains essential flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. Instant strawberry powder is a natural and clever way to introduce extra fruit into the diet, as well as being a natural, safe coloring and flavoring. The powder contains no artificial ingredients, flavorings or colorings, and are free of saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol, made from 100% strawberries. And it’s perfect to make cold drinks because it’s instant strawberry powder. 


Description of Organic Strawberry Juice Powder

[Latin   Name]: Fragaria L

[Product  Part]: Fruit


[Active Ingredient]:Protein etc.

[Appearance]:Light Red Powder

[Clinical Application] :Food, Beverage.


[Dosage form] :Granule, tablet, capsule

Physical Index of Organic Strawberry Powder

Appearance:Loose powder, no blocking, no visible impurity. 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell:Natural Strawberry


Mesh:100% pass 300 mesh.


Total bacterial count:<1000 


Escherichia Coli:None 



Suggest Dosage of Organic Strawberry Powder

Solid beverage ( 5 %), drinks ( 5 %) and leisure food ( 3-5 %), medicine, food (5-20 %)

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