Freeze Dried Passionfruit Powder

Freeze Dried Passionfruit Powder

1. Freeze Dried Passionfruit Powder
2. 100% Natural
3. No Pigment, Flavor, Sugar
4. Free Sample

Product Details

Fresh Passionfruit is a vigorous, herbaceous, perennial climber that grows about 0.5-2 m in length. The plants grows in tropical and subtropical mesic to wet environments especially forests and scrub, forest edges, forest gaps and riparian areas in forests and usually prefer well-drained soil with plenty of moisture in the growing season. The stem is slender, angular, striate, glabrous or puberulent.

[Latin   Name]: Herba Passiflorae Coeruleae.

[Product  Part]: Fruit 


[Appearance]:Light Yellow Powder

[Clinical Application] :Food, Beverage.


passion fruit powder

Passion fruit powder

Passionfruit Powder/ Passion Fruit Powder

Appearance:Loose powder、no blocking,no visible impurity. 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell:Natural Passiflora Coerulea


Mesh:100% pass 300 mesh.


Total bacterial count:<1000 


Escherichia Coli:None 

natural fruit powder

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