Chinese Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Chinese Purple Sweet Potato Powder

1.Product Name:purple sweet potato powder 2.Latin Name:Solanum tuberdsm. 3.Appearance:purple powder 4.Active Ingredient:purple sweet potato 5.Application:drinks,food 6.Test Method:TLC 7.Specification:100%

Product Details

Purple sweet potato is in addition to ordinary sweet potato nutrition, but also rich in selenium and anthocyanins. Purple sweet potato with a special health care function, it contains about 20% of the protein, including 18 kinds of amino acids, easily digested and absorbed by the body, including vitamin C, B, A and other eight kinds of vitamins and phosphorus, iron and other 10 kinds of minerals Elements, containing a large number of high medicinal value of anthocyanins

[Product Name]:

Purple sweet potato powder


100% Purple sweet potato powder


purple Powder

[Active Ingredient]: 

Purple sweet potato 


Keep cool and dry, avoid high light and avoid high temperature

[Shelf life]:

24 months


1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

[Free sample]:




Pharmaceutical health care products, health supplements, infant food, solidbeverage, dairy products, instant food, snack food, spice, middle-aged and old food, baking food, snack food, cold food cold drinks, etc.


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