Damiana Extract

Damiana Extract

1. Product Name:Damiana Extract
2. Active Ingredients: Damiana
3. Purity: 10:1 20:1
4. Medcine Grade

Product Details

Damiana is a small shrub with aromatic leaves found on dry, sunny, rocky hillsides in south Texas, Southern California, Mexico, and Central America. Damiana leaves have been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency by the native

peoples of Mexico, including the Mayan Indians. The leaves have traditionally been made into a tea and an incense which was used by native people of Central and South America for its relaxing effects. Spanish missionaries first recorded that the Mexican Indians drank Damiana tea mixed with sugar for use as an aphrodisiac. The two species used in herbal healing, both of which are referred to as damiana, are Turner aphrodisiac and Turnera diffusa.


Product Description

Product Name

Damiana Extract Powder

Other Name

Damiana Extract 


10:1 20:1


Medicine Grade


Brown Fine Powder





damiana extract (3)

The function of Damiana Extract

1. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract has long been claimed to have a stimulating effect on libido, so it can enhance sexuality;

 2. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract has the function of treating conditions ranging from coughs to constipation to depression;

 3. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract has the function of treating male premature ejaculation and urinary tract infections;

 4. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract has the treatment of women by the syndrome and the symptoms of menopause.

Application of Damiana Extract

1. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract is applied in food field, it is conventionally made into damiana tea today;

2. Damiana Leaf Extract/Damiana extract is applied in the health product field, it is used as an aphrodisiac has continued into modern times.


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