Phycocyanin Powder

Phycocyanin Powder

1. Product Name:Phycocyanin Powder
2. Active Ingredients: Phycocyanin
3. CAS:472-61-7
4. Molecular Formula:C40H52O4
5. Purity: 1% 5% 10%

Product Details

Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin. It is an accessory pigment to chlorophyll. All phycobiliproteins are water-soluble, so they cannot exist within the membrane-like carotenoids can. Instead, phycobiliproteins aggregate to form clusters that adhere to the membrane called phycobilisomes. Phycocyanin is a characteristic light blue color, absorbing orange and red light, particularly near 620 nm (depending on which specific type it is), and emits fluorescence at about 650 nm (also depending on which type it is). Allophycocyanin absorbs and emits at longer wavelengths than phycocyanin C or phycocyanin R. Phycocyanins are found in Cyanobacteria (previously called blue-green algae). Phycobiliproteins have fluorescent properties that are used in immunoassay kits. Phycocyanin is from the Greek phyco meaning “algae” and cyanin is from the English word “cyan", which conventionally means a shade of blue-green (close to "aqua") and is derived from the Greek “kyanos" which means a somewhat different color: "dark blue". The product phycocyanin, produced by Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and spirulina, is for example used in the food and beverage industry as the natural coloring agent 'Lina Blue'.

Phycocyanin Powder

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Product Name

Phycocyanin Powder

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Red Fine Powder


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Phycocyanin spirulina 


Phycocyanin regulates regulating and synthesizing a variety of important enzymes needed by human metabolism. It plays an important role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, promoting the regeneration of human cells, maintaining the ovaries, and promoting the elastin synthesis in the body. Meanwhile, phycocyanin can regulate the immune system, enhance the immune system functions and improve the body's resistance ability to disease. Therefore, phycocyanin has been hailed as a food diamond by food experts. It has good results in the following aspects.

1 Anti-cancer, anti-tumor.

Phycocyanin has been proved to inhibit the expansion of cancer cells. Scientists have found that phycocyanin can inhibit cancer cells significantly. It can be made as an anti-tumor adjuvant therapy to enhance the body's immune system in chemotherapy therapy.

In a scientific experiment, rats with liver cancers were fed with extracted phycocyanin. Scientists have been found that the survival rate of rats fed with phycocyanin was much higher than the control group. After 5 weeks, the treatment group had the 90% survival rate, while the untreated group only had 25%. After 8 weeks, 25% of the rats in the treatment group survived, and all rats in the untreated group died. This shows that oral phycocyanin can increase the survival rate of cancer-bearing organisms.

2 Anti-oxidant, clean free radicals

Phycocyanin can promote cell activity, remove the free radicals, improve ovarian function, and promote the synthesis speed of elastin in the body. According to scientific researches, phycocyanin has the effect of stimulating the production of red blood cell colonies, which is similar to erythropoietin (EPO). It can adjust the white blood cells and increase the activity of lymphocytes. It also can increase physical stamina, promote the growth of red blood cells, enhance the body's immune function and promote the body’s growth.

3 Anti-allergy

On January 7th, 2011, the research team of Taiwan University published a new study and found that the purified phycocyanin had an inhibitory effect on all allergies.

4 Fluorescent agent and photosensitizer

Phycocyanin can be used as fluorescent agents. Its fluorescence efficacy is 30 times of ordinary fluorescein. When excited by light, it can emit strong red fluorescence, which can be used for clinical and in vitro diagnosis of tumors and cancers. It is great significance for early cancer diagnosis of cells.

Phycocyanin can be used as a new type of photosensitizer. It can significantly increase the sensitivity of cancer laser therapy. According to relevant research reports, using the phycocyanin as a photosensitizer can increase the killing rate of the laser to tumor cells from 12% to 88% and the cancer cure rate can be increased by 55%.

5. Safety

Material: Phycocyanin, Rats

Method: LD50>30g/kg, 90 days oral.

Conclusion: There is no effect on animal growth, liver function, and renal function.

There is no abnormality on the histopathological structure.


The applications of Phycocyanin are very extensive, and can be summarized as follows:
(1) Natural food pigments: Phycocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure blue, bright and lovely, can be used as a food colorant and cosmetics additives.

(2) Medicines and health foods: phycocyanin in vitro experiments have the effect of stimulating the production of red blood cell colonies. It is similar to erythropoietin (EPO). A variety of phycocyanin composite drugs have been successfully developed in many countries. The Kangpai research institution of Japanese AIDS Research had successfully reported that phycocyanin can improve anemia and increase hemoglobin.

(3) Special reagents for biological, chemical and cytological experiments:
Phycocyanin is blue and fluorescent, and it can be used as a photodynamic research reagent in biology,

cytology and other photodynamic researches.

natural Phycocyanin Powder

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