Pine Pollen Supplement

Pine Pollen Supplement

1. Product Name:Pine Pollen
2. Active Ingredient:Pine Pollen
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Product Details

The pine pollen includes the massive protein, the amino acid, the Vitamin, the mineral substance, the flavanone class, nucleic acid nutrients and so on enzyme class, it is the natural miniature nutrition storehouse. Included in the world to be highest nearly, matches the most reasonable 200 many kinds of nutrients completely, this kind of natural perfect balanced combination, could by the human body absorption, not have in a short time any side effect. 
Pine pollen straight from the tree is a nutritious top superfood with bioabsorbable constituents beneficial to health and immune functions. Some scientist researchers, however, have found that broken cell-wall pine pollen is slightly more nutrient dense, providing up to 25% more digestibility. Breaking the cell-wall is achieved by a high-speed airflow pulverization process which breaks up the cellular matter, making it more bioavailable to the body.

Product Description of Pine Pollen 

Product Name

Pine Pollen

Active Ingredients

Pine Pollen


Yellow Fine Powder



Test Method






Shelf Life



The Function of Pine Pollen

1.Improve immunity 
2.Eliminate fatigue, improve sexual function 
3.protect the heart, prevent vascular system diseases, 
4.prevent diabetes prevention prostatosis 
5.improve digestion, increase appetite, overcome constipation 
6.relieve menopause symptoms 
7.improve memory 
8.promote children's healthy growth and skin care, anti-aging

Application of Pine Pollen

1. Applied in food field, it is used as food additives added into many kinds of product.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, as the raw material of basic drugs.


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