6 Wonderful Benefits of Oyster peptide

- Jul 29, 2019-

Oyster peptide is a small molecule polypeptide obtained from oyster powder and then subjected to directed digestion and specific small peptide separation techniques. Oyster peptides are not only rich in protein, vitamins, proportions of trace elements and taurine, but also contain a variety of nutrients specific to marine life.

1. Liver detoxification
Peptide contained in oyster taurine can promote bile secretion, exclude the accumulation of neutral fat in the liver and improve liver detoxification.
2. Improve sexual function
The oyster peptide contains numbers of sperm indispensable arginine, and elements Zinc. Oyster peptides can improve sexual function. Sexual dysfunction, impotence, enlarged prostate, genital hypoplasia, and other male diseases, in many cases for the reason of insufficient lead Asia caused.

Oyster peptide

3. Congestion purification
Taurine for atherosclerosis oyster peptides produced by congestion, and the resulting induced angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction have a good preventive effect.
4. Fatigue
In the oyster peptide containing amino acids which can improve the function of the liver, inhibit lactic acid accumulation, to help speed up recovery and physical fatigue promotion. In addition, the peptide taurine and oyster glycogen can not only help restore the physical fatigue but also mental fatigue to recover is very effective, the role of endogenous depression improvement and restoration of vision has been recognized.
5. Beauty
Oyster can prevent dry skin and promote skin metabolism, skin melanin decomposition, producing delicate rosy skin. Because it can promote the formation and secretion of hormones, the physiological adjustment, no pregnancy symptoms, menopausal disorders, also have a good effect. In addition, iodine and tryptophan in oysters can help you grow beautiful black hair.
6. Improve immune
After eating oysters peptide, will be the synthesis of glutathione in the body, remove the body of active oxygen, improve immunity, inhibit aging. Meanwhile, lead Arsenite not only to inhibit cell aging but also promote metabolism.

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