Apple and apple powder with its special effect

- Dec 28, 2017-

Apple is the king of fruits.but do you know the special effcts of apple.According to scientists, apple is a very good natural beauty care products.


 First,compared with other fruits, apple can provide negligible its fat, almost no protein, ans also providing very few calories. with an average of 100 grams only 60 calories. And it is rich in malic acid, can make the fat accumulated in the body effectively dispersed, so as to prevent body fat.                                                                                      

Second,apple can whiten teeth: apple is rich in cellulose, of which the fine fibers can clear the dirt between teeth, so that you have a confident smile                                    


 Third,apple can detox beauty: apple is rich in pectin, which can helps regulate intestinal peristalsis, and it contains the fiber can help remove body waste, thus helping you detoxifies beauty。


 Last but not least:apple can whiten skin: Apple contains large amounts of vitamin C, eat apples, can help eliminate freckles, dark spots, keep the skin tender and rosy.                           

 Apple has so many special effects, so we can just eat apple everyday?  Of course we can't. Because apple can be made into apple powder?  Apple powder is widely in daily life , it can be used in cakes, beverage, ice cream. It also used in cosmetics , health care food.

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