Application of bromelain

- Oct 28, 2019-

The nutritional value of pineapple is high, let alone protease? Bromelain is an enzyme system composed of a variety of enzymes of different molecular weights and molecular structures, including at least five proteolytic enzymes. Bromelain is widely used in food processing, medicine and health care, and beauty and cosmetics industries.

1. Application in the food processing industry:

1) Baked food: adding bromelain to the dough can degrade the gluten, the dough is softened and easy to process, and can improve the taste and quality of the biscuit and the bread;

2) cheese: used for the coagulation of casein;

3) Tenderization of meat: Bromelain hydrolyzes macromolecular proteins of meat proteins into easily absorbed small molecule amino acids and proteins, which can be widely applied to the finishing of meat products.


2. Application in medicine and health care products:

1) Growth of tumor cells: According to relevant clinical studies, bromelain can inhibit the growth of tumor cells;

2) Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases: Bromelain is beneficial as a proteolytic enzyme for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; it can inhibit heart attack and stroke caused by platelet aggregation, relieve symptoms of angina, relieve arterial contraction, and accelerate fibrinogen break down;

3) Dislocation of burns: Bromelain can selectively remove the skin, so that new skin graft can be carried out as soon as possible; animal experiments show that bromelain has no adverse effects on adjacent normal skin;

4) Inflammation: Bromelain can effectively treat inflammation and edema (including thrombophlebitis, skeletal muscle damage, hematoma, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers, and sports injuries) in various tissues. Bromelain has the potential to activate inflammatory reactions. Bromelain can also treat diarrhea;

5) Adsorption of drugs: Bromelain can be combined with various antibiotics to improve its efficacy; it can promote the transmission of antibiotics at the infected site, thereby reducing the dose of antibiotics. In addition, bromelain promotes the absorption of nutrients.

3. Application in the beauty and cosmetic industry:

Bromelain has excellent effects on skin rejuvenation and whitening. Basic principle: Bromelain can act on the aging stratum corneum on human skin, promote its degradation, decomposition, and removal, promote skin metabolism, reduce skin color darkness caused by sun exposure, and make skincare in a good white and tender state.

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