Application of tea polyphenols in food preservation

- Aug 20, 2019-

The effect of tea polyphenol preservative has the same linear relationship with antioxidant activity, that is, its effect is positively correlated with concentration. Compared with chemical preservatives such as benzoate, natural preservatives have unique advantages. The antibacterial activity of chemical preservatives is incompletely bacteriostatic, that is, as the concentration of chemical preservatives increases, the antibacterial effect also increases, but Complete inhibition is not achieved. Tea polyphenols are fully bacteriostatic at appropriate concentrations. In terms of single bacteriostasis, tea polyphenols have a better inhibitory effect on Gram-positive bacteria than Gram-negative bacteria.


The antiseptic effect of tea polyphenols also synergizes with other natural preservatives. Lactomycin is one of the early natural preservatives, with high safety, a wide range of inhibition, and good stability. It is widely used in food preservation. The anti-corrosion effect produced by the combination of tea polyphenols and nisin is better than the addition of the two, and the stability of nisin is also enhanced. In addition, synergistic effects can also be produced when used in combination with ε-polylysine, natamycin, and the like. When tea polyphenols are added to products that require color protection such as pickles, it not only improves the shelf life but also enhances the color protection effect.

  The function of tea polyphenols in foods is diversified, and it has the characteristics of low volume and high efficiency. Although it can only be used as an antioxidant, its application prospect is very bright.

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