Arctium Lappa Root Extract

- Sep 21, 2017-

Great Burdock Fruit Extract is made from dried and ripe fruit of Arctium. It is mainly used for health care products and cosmetics.

Arctium Extract

[Plant Origin]: Dried and Ripe Fruit of Arctium

[Active Ingredients]: Arctigerin , Arctin

[Apperance]: Brown Fine Powder

[Specification]: 10:1

 牛蒡子提取物- Great Burdock Fruit Extract (2).jpg牛蒡子提取物- Great Burdock Fruit Extract (1).jpg

Health Benifits of Arctium Extract

1. Regulates Blood Pressure   2. Aids in Digestion    3. Controls Diabetes   4. Detoxifies the Liver

5. Skin Health   6. Promotes Hormonal Balance  7. Boosts Immunity

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