Astaxanthin Benefits For Diabetes

- Feb 27, 2019-

In 2011, the American Clinical Endocrinology Experts Association Diabetes Comprehensive Treatment Program Medical Guide clearly stated that the treatment of diabetes should emphasize antioxidant stress and hypoglycemic.

As a new generation of antioxidants, astaxanthin has become the focus of research on anti-oxidation therapy for diabetes. Astaxanthin is currently the strongest antioxidant known in nature and has also proven to be the most nutritious of the more than 700 antioxidants found in humans. It is known as the “King of Antioxidants”.

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Astaxanthin can penetrate the cell barrier: the special molecular structure of astaxanthin can cross the outer wall of human cells and directly remove oxygen free radicals from cells.

Astaxanthin can fight many types of free radicals: other single antioxidants can only fight a single free radical. Astaxanthin can form an electronic network that surrounds cellular molecules. This electron network can neutralize many types of free radicals by attracting free radicals from adjacent cellular molecules and extracting free electrons.

Therefore, astaxanthin can protect the corresponding tissues from damage, restore the normal regulation function of islets, and remove "sugar poison" from the source.

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