Baking Powder Meal Replacements powder-Red Bean and Coix Seed Powder/Coicis Semen Powder

- Mar 13, 2017-

Baking Powder Meal Replacements Powder                          

           ---Red Bean and Coix Seed Powder/Coicis Semen Powder

baking powder

Red bean and coix seed baking powder/ meal replacemeents powder

Component information:

Coix seed powder

Red bean powder


  • All the selected raw materials belong to the "food and medicine homologous”.

  • All elaborately allocate recipes are in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine theory to depoly the ratio .Nutrition is more rich and reasonable.

  • no sugar. according to personal preferences for seasoning.

meal replacements powder

Targeting Group: 16-40 year old female and dry skin people 


  1. whitening     2. imporve the dry skin

red bean powder,coix seed powder

  3. anti-aging    4. blood tonic

Edible method

1-2 times a day, each time to take 10-20g into the cup, with boiling water, stir evenly after eating (this product does not contain sugar and can be according to personal preferences to add appropriate amount of sugar, milk, honey )

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