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- Oct 12, 2017-

Okra is not only a delicious health dishes, but okra also has a lot of efficacy. Okra extract use fresh organic imported okra fruit as materials. It is also known as the "plant viagra"

The Nutrition of Okra Extract

Hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin is in all parts of okra. The fruit contains abundant protein, free amino acid, VC, VA, VE and phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese and other mineral elements.

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Health Benifits of Okra Extract

  1. Okra Extract can strong kidneys.

  2. Okra Extract can be as a replacement of coffee.

  3. Okra Extract can nourish the stomach.

  4. Okra Extract is used as medicine for men sex function.

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