Can high blood pressure patients eat spirulina?

- Jan 04, 2019-

Hypertension is a very common disease in modern times, affecting people's lives. There are many health care products that can lower blood pressure. Many people have heard that spirulina can lower blood pressure. Does it really have this effect?


Spirulina actually has high medicinal value. The potassium substance contained in it has a certain effect on the treatment of hypertension. It can effectively lower cholesterol and protect our gastrointestinal health. Therefore, patients with hypertension can eat spirulina, but Some of the usual treatments can not be ignored.

Can high blood pressure patients eat spirulina? It has been suggested that the reason why spirulina can treat high blood pressure is that it has a large amount of choline. Tests have shown that after eating choline for 5 to 10 days, the blood pressure is completely gone. The blood pressure is decreasing in 3 weeks. The systolic blood pressure of each person is reduced by 31 mm and the diastolic blood pressure is reduced by 20 mm. One third of these patients had their blood pressure lowered to normal and no one fell below the standard. Symptoms such as insomnia and edema are also getting better. Those who did not speak clearly and who were inconvenient in movement also improved.

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According to the theory of biochemistry, choline can be synthesized in the body. Serine (a kind of protein amino acid) can produce choline with the help of vitamin B6, and methionine (a kind of Me-thionine amino acid) can also be converted into choline in the body. Spirulina contains 3.23% serine and 1.95% methionine, a total of 5.18%, and the content is very high.

Spirulina can treat high blood pressure because it contains a lot of potassium. Spirulina contains 1.79% potassium, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary vegetables, so it is very helpful for such patients. Usually taking about two weeks can lower blood pressure by 20-30 mm, and keeping eatiing spirulina is more satisfactory. Spirulina contains protein amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body. Therefore, it can bring health effects to the body. It can play a role in the treatment of hypertension, but after all, it is not a drug for treating high blood pressure. Blood pressure patients are also not blindly able to treat in this way, and should follow the doctor's advice.

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Can high blood pressure patients eat spirulina? Hypertensive patients can eat spirulina but in order to lower blood pressure.  It is necessary to follow the doctor's guidance and pay attention to diet and lifestyle, so that high blood pressure can get better improved.

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