Can silymarin cure fatty liver?

- Jun 23, 2019-

Fatty liver refers to the pathological state of excessive accumulation of liver fat (triacylglycerol) and metabolic disorders caused by various reasons.

Silymarin can directly scavenge free radicals, fight lipid peroxidation, promote damaged liver cells to synthesize DNA and structural proteins, regulate immunity, and anti-liver fibrosis. Silymarin is a classic liver damage repair drug.

Milk thistle extract silymarin

Silymarin has a wide range of pharmacological effects and is currently an ideal drug for the treatment of fatty liver disease, and it also has less adverse reactions. Because the pathophysiological processes of liver injury have different degrees of similarities, silymarin can also be used to treat viral hepatitis, liver fibrosis, drugs, organic chemicals, and other poisoning metabolic liver damage. However, it is necessary to actively combine the cause of the disease to better play the clinical effect of silymarin.

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