Capsaicin and Weight Loss

- Apr 19, 2019-

Capsaicin can inhibit glucose absorption and promote fat burning to lose weight

1. Natural capsaicin can reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestine and inhibit the increase of glucose in plasma. Natural capsaicin can open Ca2+ and Na+ channels on the cell membrane, prevent the small intestine from absorbing fat and inhibit body fat deposition. Natural capsaicin has the function of burning fat, which can decompose fat into CO2 and H2O and excrete it.

Capsaicin weight loss

2. The use of natural capsaicin to burn fat activity and transdermal properties can make slimming cream, which can quickly penetrate into the skin to burn fat and decompose into CO2 and H2O excreted, free to make a certain part of the body to lose weight.

3. The use of natural capsaicin to inhibit the absorption of sugar and the accumulation of fat can be made into an anti-glycemic and anti-fat oral drug to prevent the occurrence of diabetes and obesity.

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