Chokeberry extract benefits

- Dec 11, 2018-

Chokeberry extractChokeberry, a fruit , which is growing in the swamp side of eastern North America. Aroniaare berry rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and some other important polyphenols. These polyphenols have anti-cancer effects.

Today, we will introduct Chokeberry extract powder anthocyanin. As we all knows, there are many kinds of anthocyanin, such as black rice extract , sweet purple potato extract, bilberry extract, blueberry extract and so on. Do you know the benefits of anthocyanin. Every anthocyanin has its different benefits.

For Chokeberry extract anthocyanin, there are many functions as below:

1. For anti aging

It is a natural antioxidant, which has a particularly strong antioxidant capacity. After the body absorbs this substance, it can reduce the oxidation reaction in the body, and it can clean up the free radicals produced in the body and improve the body. Cellular activity of various tissues, and the frequent consumption of wild cherry berry containing wild cherry berry anthocyanins can play an important role in delaying aging and prolonging life.

2. Protect eyesight

It has a very positive effect on human eyes. And it can promote the formation of rhodopsin in the retina of human eyes, and it can prevent the occurrence of eye oxidation and promote eye development. He often appears to humans. Dry eyes, eyelids, eye fatigue and decreased vision have certain preventive effects. In addition, eating wild cherry medicine can prevent cataracts and glaucoma. It has obvious benefits for maintaining human eye health.

3. Protect the skin

It also have obvious protective effects on human skin. After the body absorbs this anthocyanin, it can increase the activity of elastase and collagenase in the body. These two kinds of enzymes can directly act on human skin cells. It can increase the elasticity of people's skin, and can make people's skin smooth and delicate, can reduce wrinkles and prevent skin aging, and wild sapphire anthocyanins can repair damaged skin cells and improve skin's sun protection ability.

4. Prevent cancer

It is a natural anti-cancer ingredient, which can prevent the formation of carcinogens in the human body, and can eliminate free radicals that are carcinogenic in the human body. It can increase the activity of human tissue cells and prevent cancer cells from harming human cells. Can fundamentally prevent cell cancer, and regular consumption can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer, and its anti-cancer effect is particularly good.

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