Is Coconut Milk Flour/ Powder Good for You ?

- Mar 20, 2017-

Is Coconut Milk Flour/ Powder Good for You ?

What is coconut flour/powder

Coconut powder use fresh coconut milk as raw materials and through spray drying technology make coconut powder

                                                 How to make coconut flour/powder

Natural fruit juice-Match-Emulsify-Spray drying-Collect powder- Sieve-Package-Finished Product

                                                                                         Coconut flour/powder nutrition

coconut water powder1. Rich in protein

Coconut milk powder contains very high protein which make it become as instant drinks powder

containing the world's highest amino acid. Amino acid have good effect on growth of children, the metabolism of ordinary people, the anti-aging disease of old people.

2. Coconut water powder is rich in vitamins, which is a necessary food for elderly and children and women 

coconut milk powder

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