Does spirulina help you lose weight ?

- Jan 07, 2020-

I believe many people have heard of spirulina powder weight loss. In fact, spirulina is a relatively healthy green health product, but to achieve the effect of weight loss, you need to pay attention to the correct methods and techniques, scientific use, use of spirulina At the same time, we must cooperate with sports. Spirulina is the healthiest green health supplement in the 21st century. How to take spirulina powder to lose weight?

2. For mildly obese people: Take 3 grams of spirulina powder 1 hour before meals, take 3 times a day, and control your diet and adhere to appropriate aerobic exercise. This method can generally reduce weight by about 5-10 pounds a month.

Alage spirulina powder

3. Moderately obese: eat 5 grams of spirulina powder half an hour before meals, take 3 times a day and control diet and adhere to aerobic exercise for a long time. In this case, about two months can generally reduce weight by 20-30 pounds and return to the range of normal weight.

4. Severe obesity: increase the number and frequency of spirulina daily intake, and at the same time carry out dieting and aerobic exercise under the advice of a doctor or coach, normal weight can be restored within 3 months.

5. Things to note

Spirulina only plays a role in supplementing the daily essential nutrients of the body, controlling appetite, and maintaining good health. It also needs to combine exercise to expel excess fat and water that have accumulated in the body.

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