Dried Passion Fruit juice Powder Suppliers

- Sep 18, 2017-

Passion fruit powder is extract from fresh organic passion fruit juice and pulp. Passion fruit contains more than 135 kinds of aromatic substances, which is most suitable for making into fruit juice. Mixing passion fruit powder with other fruit powder(mango powder, pineapple powder, orange powder, apple powder.....) can significantly improve the taste and aroma of these fruit juice powder. Passion fruit powder can be made as raw material of ice cream powder or other food additive to improve taste and aroma.

Passionflower Powder_副本.jpg

Passion Fruit Juice Powder

[Specification]: 100%

[Appearance]: Yellow Fine Powder

[Active Ingredient]: Passion Fruit

[Raw Materials]: Natural Organic Passion Fruit

Application of Passion Fruit Powder: It can be used for functional food and solid drink.


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