Dehydrated Freeze Dried Organic Red Raspberry Powder for Baking

- Jul 13, 2017-

Raspberry Powder is extracted from fresh imported raspberry juice and pulp. It is made into powder by freeze-drying technology. The freeze-dried raspberry powder is rich in organic acids, carbohydrates and a small amount of vitamin C. The fruit also contains triterpenoids, raspberry acid, ellagic acid, and β-sitosterol.

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Dehydrated Freeze Dried Organic Red Raspberry Powder 

[Product Name]: Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

[Specification]:100% Organic Natural

[Type]: Freeze Dried 

[Solubility]: Not Good Water Soluble

[Feature]: Remain A Large Number of Raspberry Fruit Fiber

raspberry powder

Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder Applying:

1. Food     2.Beverage     3.Candy    4.Baking   5. Health-care Products.

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