Natural Organic Green Papaya Powder-Breast Enlargement, Tender Skin DIY MASK

- Jun 15, 2017-

As we all know, papaya is a kind of fruit which has a very high nutritional value. It not only tastes good, smells fragrant, but also has a great industrial and medical value. Papaya powder is a dried, ground prepared from fresh organic natural papaya.

organic papaya powder

Health Benefits of Papaya Powder

1. Organic green papaya powder can enlarge the breast. Organic papaya powder contains papaya enzymes and vitamin A which can promote the secretion of hormones to enlarge the breast. papaya enzymes also can dissolve protein and promote the absorption of protein.

2.Tender skin. Add some milk and honey to natural papaya powder to DIY MASK.

3. Dried papaya powder can tenderize all kinds of meat. Green papaya powder is rich in papain, a protease used for tenderizing meat. It is now included as a component in some powdered meat tenderizers.

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