Health benefits of natural chlorella powder

- Sep 04, 2018-

Chlorella is a common plant in the genus Chlorella. The cell structure of chlorella is one of the earliest photosynthetic organisms on the earth and has survived on the earth for about 2 billion years. The nutritional value of chlorella powder is extremely high. Chlorella is natural nutrient-balanced food. It is a multi-functional health care product that contains many nutrients necessary for human growth, health, and longevity. It is known as the magical and precious edible "emerald". Widely used in food, health care products, beauty, and other fields.

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Below are the health benefits of chlorella powder:

(1) The 17 kinds of amino acids and high-density lipoprotein required by the human body are up to 60%, activate human cells, repair damaged genes, and promote organ tissue growth;

(2) A variety of natural and high-efficiency vitamins: anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, delaying aging, improving heart and lung function;

(3) Algal polysaccharides and various trace elements: anti-fatigue, anti-atherosclerosis, prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

(4) GCF can increase the normal cell regeneration capacity by more than 25%, producing better cells and anti-aging.

(5) Natural high-concentration chlorophyll and plant cellulose: eliminate chemical toxins, heavy metals, protect liver and kidney from poisoning, and prevent cancer;

(6) linoleic acid and γ-linolenic acid, etc.: regulate blood lipids and reduce blood viscosity. These natural and balanced nutrients and detoxification substances not only constitute the material basis of human health, but also the material security for preventing various chronic diseases.

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Furthermore, chlorella powder has many auxiliary functions for health care. Such as helps change the acidic body and maintain the weak alkaline body, helps lower cholesterol and neutral fat index and promote weight loss, promote the elimination of fatigue, enhance physical strength, and assist in the activation of brain cells, etc.

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