Health benefits of rose hip

- Dec 16, 2018-

Health Benefits of Rose Hip

The bright red rose hip is made of rosette after the rose. The fleshy berry is a kind of fake fruit. The shape of the ellipse is petite. Although many kinds of roses will bear fruit, the rose hips are served with dog rose (Rosa canina) and Rosa rugosa. Mainly produced.


Rose hips are great for making desserts such as cakes and fruit towers, or for making jams and jelly flavors. Because it is a hard fruit flower tea material, the soaking time takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fully release the aroma and taste.


It is very suitable for adding honey. It is the basic formula of fruit tea with hibiscus flower. Rosehip tea is richer in color and taste than rose tea. It tastes this red tea. Its taste is sweet and slightly sour. You can also add a little honey or peppermint to taste. Rose hip tea is not only a treasure for beauty and beauty, but also has the effect of preventing colds, facilitating urine, and contracting blood vessels.

Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of beauty and beauty. Rose hips are the fruit of wild rose or multi-flowered rose, also known as rose hip or rose. This ingredient is found in Mary Kaiser's Eye Mask Gel. Drinking more rosehip tea can enhance the beauty of the skin, make the radiance and radiance, regulate physiological functions and reduce fatigue. When nutrients are needed, rose hips provide an important element in the maintenance of good health.

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