Health Benefits of Yam Powder

- May 18, 2017-

Who can eat yam powder?

Yam powder is rich in nutrition suitable for all most people. Eating yam powder can prevent many kinds of diseases. Who can eat yam powder?

1. People who want to lose weight.

Yam Powder contains less calories and more nutrition. And it also cotains much crude fibre which easily to increse people’s sense of being full to control eating desire. Yam powder contains very low fat(each 100g contains 0.2g fat). So yam powder is health lose weight food.

2. physically weak person.

3. People who is easy to catch a cold.

4. People who is dyspepsia.

yam powder

How to use yam powder

1. Health care: Yam powder(one spoon)+Coix seed powder(one spoon)

2. Lose weight: Yam powder(one spoon)+Bitter melon powder(two spoon)

3. Nourish blood and regulate menstruation: Rose powder(0ne spoon)+Yam powder(one spoon)+ Pueraria powder(one spoon)

4. People easy to catch a cold: Yam powder(one spoon)+jujube powder(one spoon)+Gorgon fruit powder(one spoon)

5. Weakness of the spleen and the stomach: Yam powder(one spoon)+Coix seed powder(one spoon)+Pueraria powder(one spoon)

6. Nourishing liver and kidney: Yam powder(one spoon)+Pueraria powder(two spoon)

7.  Hypoglycemic: Yam powder(one spoon)+Pumpkin powder(one spoon)

organic yam powder

8. Cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients: Yam powder(one spoon)+Hawthorn powder(one spoon)

9. Strengthening spleen-stomach: Yam powder(one spoon)+Wolfberry powder(one spoon)+Lotus powder(one spoon)

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