How does papain act on the skin?

- Oct 16, 2019-

Papaya enzyme is a whitening and spotting biological product which is extracted from papaya fruit and contains various biological enzymes. Its main function is to rejuvenate and whiten and remove spots.

First, papain acts on the stratum corneum of human skin, causing it to decompose and degrade, to achieve skin rejuvenation effect and promote cell growth, and papain hydrolysate forms a film of amino acid derivative on the surface of the skin to keep the skin intact. Wetting and smoothing;


Second, papain is easy to form a complex with copper ions in the pigmentation-forming melanin, reducing the formation of melanin and removing the melanin from the stain, and the titanium hydrolyzed by papain can directly inhibit the formation of melanin. , to eliminate the role of free radicals, in order to achieve the effect of whitening and spotting.

In summary, papain inhibits the formation of melanin-producing tyrosine and removes oxidative free radicals by removing the aging layer of the aging skin and reacting rapidly with the copper ions in the stain to achieve the effect of whitening and whitening.

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