How to choose high-quality spirulina powder

- Jan 05, 2020-

How to choose high-quality spirulina powder

1. Look at the color. 100% real natural spirulina, regardless of powders, tablets, capsules were tested in the algal flour dark green slightly yellow. The processed spirulina is very dry and easy to absorb moisture. After absorbing moisture, it may gradually become green and easy to spoil. This spirulina is harmful to the body.

2. Odor. Spirulina has a special algae or sea fishy smell. Without this peculiar smell, spirulina or long-term stored algal flour raw materials may not be processed. But the bad smell is likely to be inferior products.

3. Look at the hardness. For spirulina tablet products, hand-pick it, the harder the spirulina tablet is doped with more other ingredients, and high-quality hand-plumbium can separate.


4. Taste it. Spirulina tastes umami and is usually slightly alkaline. If the alkali is heavier, it is substandard. In addition, products made of 100% spirulina should be sticky.

5. Water soluble observation. Put spirulina powder or tablets into a glass with pure water, dissolve, and observe the color of the water. If it is of good quality, the water should be green and gradually turn blue after half an hour.

6. Packaging. Some of the nutritional components of spirulina are isolated from the air, such as phycocyanin and carotene. Therefore, we must have outsourcing of moisture and light insulation

Installed. Scientific experiments show that algal blue pigment loses 50% in 15 minutes under direct sunlight, and is basically lost within 3 months without sealing. Therefore, in order to avoid direct contact with light and air, and to ensure that nutrients are not lost, large international spirulina manufacturers generally use small bags of aluminum foil.

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