How to use blueberry powder

- Oct 06, 2019-

There are endless ways to use blueberry powder (also called bilberry powder) or any other berry powder. As it’s easy to use and mix with other ingredients, and as it has a mild and delicious blueberry flavor, it goes well with so many foods and snacks.

This is why blueberry powder is a great alternative for blueberry extracts and blueberry supplements. By using the blueberry powder, you get the same health benefits as from the blueberry extracts and blueberry supplements, but also get to really enjoy the flavor of blueberry and beautiful color it gives to your food.

While everyone has their own favorite way of using blueberry powder, we know that people always excited to try out new ways and recipes. We put together 10 ideas below to inspire you to try something new and to boost your favorite foods and snacks with antioxidant and vitamin-packed wild Nordic blueberry powder also called bilberry powder.

1. YOGURT冻干蓝莓粉    2. SMOOTHIES

3. PROTEIN SHAKES     4. Oatmeal


6. SALADS              

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