How to use bromelain powder

- Oct 12, 2018-

Bromelain is extract from pinapple fruit, also known as pineapple enzyme. It is a food additives widely used in food field, but also used in medicine and health care prodcuts field.


Today, we will introduce the usage of bromelain powder:


1. The application of food field


For baking food: Adding bromelain to the dough , it can degrade the gluten, then the dough is softened and easy to process, which can improve the taste and quality of biscuits and bread.


For cheese: it can used for the condensation of casein.


For meat product processing: Bromelain can hydrolyzes macromolecular proteins of meat proteins into small molecule amino acids and proteins which can easily absorbed.


For other food processing industries: pure Bromelain powder has been used to increase the PDI and NSI values of bean cake and soy flour to produce soluble protein products and breakfast, cereals and beverages.


2. The application of medicine and health products industry


The Research observations indicate that bromelain can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.


Pineapple extract bromelain powder can inhibits heart attacks and strokes which caused by platelet aggregation, relieves symptoms of angina, relieves arterial contractions, and accelerates the breakdown of fibrinogen.


Bromelain can selectively remove skin, allowing new skin grafts to be carried out as early as possible.


Also has anti-inflammatory and Improve drug absorption

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