how to use hawthorn berry powder

- Oct 26, 2018-

Hawthorn berry powder is Ground from hawthorn berries, it can help promotes heart health, improves digestion, and lowers stress levels. But most people use it to losse weighlt.Hawthron taste sour ans sweet, which is one of the favourite fruits for people, and also it is the best choice for lose weight. Hawthorn powder is use hawthorn druit griding to powder, or use hawthorn juice to powder.  It is easy for stroge and drink.

hawthorn powder

How to use hawthorn powder, the sample way is to drink.

1. Take 1-2 teaspoons of hawthorn powder to a cup, then mix water. That is a cup of hawthorn juice drinks. This is just for personal use.

2. Hawthorn powder can be used in food, cakes, snacks.

3. Besides, it can be as chinese medicine for cure some disease.

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