Improving effects of healthy algae spirulina on anemia

- Dec 28, 2019-

Protein is the main raw material of red blood cells. When the human body lacks protein, red blood cells will decrease, which will cause the body to have symptoms of anemia. At the same time, when the iron intake is insufficient, the hemoglobin will not be synthesized, resulting in iron deficiency anemia. The human body also needs copper to participate in the absorption of iron. Without it, iron cannot enter human cells to participate in the synthesis of heme, which causes people to produce iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin E protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the outer layer of red blood cells from being destroyed by peroxides, thus reducing the loss of red blood cells.

And some people have added a lot of iron, but the anemia is more serious? The reason is that a lot of iron destroys vitamin E, but it reduces the number of red blood cells, which eventually leads to more severe anemia.

spirulina protein powder

The healthy algae spirulina powder contains a large amount of plant-based proteins, and also contains iron, copper, vitamin E, folic acid and vitamins B2, B12, B6, etc. These elements are often beneficial for anemia, and the high content of vitamin B12 is can help to improve the symptoms of anemia and increase the number of red blood cells.

Anemia is not simply a matter of iron supplementation. Human life activities are extremely complicated, and many nutrients are coordinated. Therefore, the human body needs to ensure the balance of various nutrients to ensure the health of the body.

The healthy algae spirulina is the most comprehensive and most abundant pure natural green food. I believe that it can bring-fixed help for everyone's health.

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