Is nattokinase a blood thinner?

- May 14, 2019-

Nattokinase, a potent enzyme in natto, is the most potent thrombolytic enzyme in about 200 foods in the world. Nattokinase is a natural enzyme that is the best nutrient for blood circulation. A healthy blood flow index refers to normal blood consistency or viscosity. Fibrin (which has a hemostatic effect) determines the viscosity of the blood. Plasmin is an enzyme that helps break down fibrin and keep your blood flowing.

The rate at which plasmin is produced in the body slows down with age. Nattokinase has a plasmin-like function that breaks down fibrin. Nattokinase also stimulates the body to naturally produce plasmin, helping to support normal blood circulation, circulation and blood viscosity.

Nattokinase extract

Thrombolytic physiological characteristics of nattokinase

1. Nattokinase is particularly sensitive to cross-linked fibrin (throated fibrin), which can be directly degraded, has no effect on plasma fibrin, and is not easy to cause bleeding.

2. Nattokinase has a diversified mechanism of thrombolysis. In addition to the above direct thrombolytic effect, there is a small amount of indirect thrombolytic effect.

3. Nattokinase activates vascular endothelium to produce endogenous plasminogen activator (T-PA). It activates the prourokinase produced by the kidney into an active urokinase. It dissolves plasminogen activator inhibitors and ensures thrombolytic effects.

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