Is Spirulina Powder Good for You?

- May 04, 2017-

Spirulina Powder 

    is a blue-green algae dried powder often added to green juices, smoothies and health shakes to bump up protein and antioxidant content. Spirulina is available for safe consumption in dried form, such as spirulina powders or flakes or as a supplement in tablets and capsules.

spirulina powder organic spirulina powder

Benefit of Spirulina Powder/Spirulina Tablets

1. High in Many Nutrients.

2. Anti-cancer.

3. Improve lung function.

4. Improve glucose levels in those with diabetes.

5. Boost the immune system.

6. Promot the growth of probiotics.

7. Lose weight.

You can also mix spirulina powder into water and drink spirulina tabletsstraight.

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