Natural Organic Kacip Fatimah Leaf Extract Powder as Female Sex Increase Medicine

- Apr 24, 2017-

Kacip Fatimah Extract/Labisia Pumila Extract

Labisia Pumila Extract Product Description

83_69eb8da64095bacf86ec18d9ab4a65ea.jpg_max.jpg[English name]: Kacip Fatimah Extract

[Binomial Name]: Labisia Pumila 

[Part Used]: Leaf

[Active Ingredients]: Polyphenols

[Specification]: 5:1 10:1 20:1 1%-10%

[Appearance]: Brown fine powder

Kacip Fatimah Extract Benifits

  1. Supports healthy vaginal flora to prevent irritation and infections.

  2. Alleviate fatigue, smooths menopausal symptoms and promote emotional well being.

  3. Polong energy during playtime.

  4. Help to solve the problems related to constipation.

  5. Tighten vaginal skin and walls

  6. Prevent cramping, water retention and irritability for those with painful periodes.

  7. Balances, bulids and harmonzes the female reproductive system to encourage healthy conception.


Kaqi Fatimah Extract Application: 

1.Pharmaceutical   2. Cosmetics     3. Food Additive

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