Milk Tea Powder-Mongolian Milk Tea Powder

- Mar 18, 2017-

Milk Tea Powder-Mongolian Milk Tea Powder

Milk tea is always as daily drinking in nomadic people in northern China which has at least one thousand yeas history. It has spread out all over the world since Yuan Dynasty of ancient China.

milk tea powder

Nowadays,there is many kinds of popular milk tea In Central Asian countries, India, Arabia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and other areas.

The milk tea has never changed for thousands years in Mongolian Plateau and Central Asia. Today, it is also as necessary drinking for daily and for customer. In pastoral area, people has a habits “three milk tea and one meal for a day”. Drinking milk tea is a main method of supplementing nutrition. Every morning, the first things for women is preparing for a pot of milk tea for all family people.

Mongolian Milk Tea Powder

 Although we can not go to Mongolia for a cup of pure Mongolian milk tea, we can enjoy the Mongolian milk tea at home. Just buy Mongolian Milk Tea Powder online.

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