Natural Organic Dehydrated Lemon Juice Powder Online

- Jun 23, 2017-

Lemon powder is extract from imported fresh lemon Juice and Plump.Original taste of lemon maximumlly was keep by advanced technology of spray drying . Organic Lemon Powder contains a variety of vitamins and acid . Powder appearance, good fluidity , taste good , easy to dissolve , easy to save .

Lemon Powder


English Name: Lemon Powder            Latin Name: Citruslimon

Part: Fruit       Specification: 30:1       Appearance: White Powder

Lemon Powder Main Function:

1.Relieving summer-heat and stimulate appetite

2.Prevent cardiovascular disease

3.Anti-bacterial and diminish inflammation


Lemon Juice Powder Application: It can be used for functional food and drink.

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