Nutritional Value of Spirulina Powder

- Jan 01, 2020-

Nutritional value of spirulina powder

The protein content of spirulina is 1.5 times that of soybeans, 10 times that of rice, 4 times that of pork, 3 times that of beef, 3.7 times that of chicken, 5 times that of eggs, 3 times that of fish, and 2.4times that of cheese. The content of β-carotene in spirulina is 15 times that of carrots.


The content of vitamin B12 in spirulina is 4 times that of pig liver, The content of γ-linolenic acid is more than 1200 mg per 100 g of algal flour. So far, y-linolenic acid, which has been recognized as directly edible, is only contained in human milk and spirulina. Yes, the they-linolenic acid content of spirulina is 500 times that of human milk.

The chlorophyll content in spirulina is extremely rich, which is 2-3 times that of most terrestrial plants, and more than 10 times that of ordinary vegetables. Spirulina contains only 5% fat, 50% pork, 24.08% beef, 4% fish, and 8.8% eggs.

Polysaccharide in Spirulina is as high as 14%-16 % / g, Ganoderma lucidum content is 1.28% / g times, and aloe content is 1% / kg.

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