Organic Maca Root Extract Powder

- Aug 21, 2017-

Maca Extract Powder use Peru Maca as raw materials. Local farmers do not use any pesticide fertilizer during the growth of Maca, and do not add any chemical ingredients when processing, so it is a genuine green food. At present, Maca as the main raw material is applied in all kinds of health care products in Europe, United States, Japan and other countries. 

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Maca Extract Powder

[Latin Name]: Lepidium Meyenii

[Raw materials]: Peru Maca Root

[Active Ingredients]: Macamides

[Specification]: 4:1 5:1 10:1 20:1

[Appearance]: Light Yellow Brown Fine Powder

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Health Benifits of Maca Powder

1. Resisit tire, enhance energy.   2. Enhance sex ability.    3. Enhance physical strength.

4. Adjust incretion system, blance hormone.     5. Bestir brian.

6. In effect imporve the menopause symptom of female and male.

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