Health start from Drinking- Saiyang Natural Organic Dried Fresh Fruit and vegetable powder

- Mar 10, 2017-

Health start from Drinking- Saiyang Natural Organic Dried Fresh Fruit and vegetable powder

fruit and vegetable powder

Nowadays, The fast pace of life forces us not to have much time to 

enjoy our three meals a day. However, the nutritional deficiencies 

of the body also from here. Therefore we have been labeled with 



Away from sub-health ..........Saiyang Best Pure Organic Vegetable and Fruit Powder


Our fruit vegetable powder uses high-quality fresh fruit and vegetable concentrate juice as raw material. It is very popular due to close to the fruit itself color, rich nutrition and pure taste. Natural fruit powder and vegetable powder becomes special raw materials of baking and solid drink.

 fruit powder

Fruit and vegetable powder product description:

Source of raw materials

Imported natural fruit concentrate juice and pulp and domestic pure fruit juice

Process flow

Natural fruit juice-Match-Emulsify-Spray drying-Collect powder- Sieve-Package-Finished Product


Fruit and vegetable powder product advantage:

        Pure Natural

                 Pollution free


                                         Additive free

                                                      No Synthetic Pigment

vegetable powder

                                               Fruit &vegetable powder product usage:

                                                        Functional food granules

                                                               Tablet food

                                                                Baby food

                                                                Baked food

                                                            Solid beverages

                                                            Sandwich candy


                         Natural Guardian of Health-- Saiyang fruit and vegetable powder raw materials powder

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 vegetable and fruit powder

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