What is matcha powder ?

- Mar 11, 2017-

What is matcha powder ?

Natural Organic matcha green tea powder

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When Chinese is using our own fruit and vegetable powder as raw material for food and beverage, the American have drank these raw no additive fruit and vegetable powder directly. Especially the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is very popular in USA. 


Let’s talk about Matcha green tea powder.

Matcha powder also is called green tea powder. Matcha powder begins from the Sui Dynasty China, rise in the Tang Dynasty China and heyday in the Song Dynasty China. It has been a thousand years of history. Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong have ever write a poem to praise the matcha powder.

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In Ancient China green tea powder was mainly used stone processing. While we use machine to process matcha powder due to clean, health, easy to control water in matcha powder and long shelf life.

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