Panax ginseng with Ginsenoside

- Jan 02, 2018-

  Panax ginseng, also known as Asian ginseng, known as "stick" in northeastern China.Ginseng is a common medicinal plant in Asia. 


  American ginseng is also widely used in North and Central America. Many herbs shops and supermarkets can find a wide range of ginseng dishes and extract health products for later recovery, increased physical activity, hormonal regulation, blood sugar lowering and blood pressure control , Control of liver index and liver function health care.

 Ginseng root contains saponin, which has below effects:

1.Ginsenoside can prevents and treats tumors 

2.Ginsenoside can inhibit the transfer of cancer cells to other organs, enhance immunity, and quickly restore the body's role 

3.Ginsenoside can quickly relieve fatigue, improve learning and memory, anti-aging, with central nervous excitement, inhibition of platelet aggregation 


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