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- Dec 12, 2018-

Pu'er tea is mainly plant in Xishuangbanna, Linyi and Pu'er, Yunnan Province of China. It is chinese tea with unique scent. It has a long time history.There are two kind of pu er tea: one is pu-er raw tea , another is shu pu-er tea. Tea powder is more easily absorb and drinks.

pu er tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Pu'er tea has the effects of clearing heat, cooling off heat, detoxifying, digesting, getting tired, benefiting water, laxative, phlegm, phlegm and blood stasis, relieving cough, promoting qi, prolonging life and so on. But it can’t be regards as medicine directly. After all, taking tea as a medicine still requires some processing.

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The conclusions of modern medicine on the efficacy of Pu'er tea has warm stomach, lose weight, reduce fat, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer, blood sugar lowering, More than 20 effects such as anti-inflammatory, lightening tobacco toxicity, reducing heavy metal toxicity, anti-radiation, anti-caries, eyesight, digestion, anti-drug, constipation prevention, and hangover, among which warm stomach, weight loss, lipid-lowering, and prevention of arteriosclerosis It is especially effective in preventing coronary heart disease, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer and blood sugar lowering.

It also has other benefits:

1. It can clear the stomach, stimulate the body, eliminate digestion and phlegm, hangover and detoxification, diuretic and cold, reduce cough and phlegm, lower blood cholesterol.

shu puer teapuer tea

2. Long-term consumption of Pu'er tea can lower cholesterol and glycerin, so long-term consumption of Pu'er tea has the function of treating obesity. Drinking Pu'er tea can cause vasodilation, blood pressure drop, heart rate slowdown and cerebral blood flow reduction and other physiological effects, and has a good therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

3. Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, phlegm

4. Anti-aging. The catechins in tea have anti-aging effects. And rich tea polyphenols help the skin resist. senescence.

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