Spirulina powder and tablets which works well?

- Jan 03, 2019-

Spirulina is a lower organism, but the spirulina powder and spirulina tablets made from it have a very good effect on the human body. So many consumers do not know how to choose. So which one is better? Let’s talk about this issue.

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1. prevent and treat anemia

We all know that carrots, pork liver and spinach have very good effects on anemia. Of course, spirulina powder and spirulina tablets are no exception. Spirulina powder and tablets contains 1.5 times carotenoids than carrots, 4 times vitamin B12 than pig liver and contains 23 times iron than spinach. It can be seen from these data that it is very useful for preventing and treating anemia.

2. Anti-fatigue effect

With the faster pace of life, people are under increasing pressure on work and study. Those who are engaged in physical and mental work are very susceptible to fatigue, resulting in loss of appetite and lack of spirit. Spirulina powder or spirulina tablets have very good anti-fatigue effects, which can make these people more energetic and efficient.


3. Beauty and beauty effects

These two health products are very popular among women, because it has very good effect on beauty. They can effectively slow down the formation of wrinkles and make the skin more firm and elastic. It can make people look more youthful. It can also effectively remove acne and chloasma and make the skin surface very clean and looks more beautiful.

Therefore, these two nutraceuticals are the same in terms of efficacy and function. It is only spirulina tablets that are more convenient to take than spirulina powder. The former can be swallowed directly with warm water. The latter is more difficult to drink because it has a heavier astringency. Therefore, it is generally mixed with juice or vegetables together.

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